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Hanimura CupCake has developed a strong reputation for exquisite custom designed cupcakes in which flavor, design and quality are equally important.

Known throughout Putrajaya, Puchong, Hanimura CupCake creates innovative and creative designs tailored for a variety of events including weddings, engagements, parties, or simply as gifts.

Hanimura CupCake is made from butter cream, fondant, or a combination of the two. Hanimura CupCake can be adorned with delicate hand made sugar flowers, edible ribbons and bows, or other items that will certainly add even more surprise in each cup. Hanimura CupCake caters any size and design based on your request and are made fresh to order. To ensure availability, please place your order as early as possible.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Sponge Bob

Terima Kasih Azura. Suka tak ngn sponge bob i buat? enjoy it!


noreen said...

cute giler...

Hanimura Cup Cake said...

cute like noreen =)

Annie Tay said...

tanteknya...boleh tau kek nie berapa kg? kalau saya nk 2kgs tp nk guna butter cream boleh x? berapa RM ya?

Hanimura CupCake said...

Annie, nati awk email ok for further details. tq.


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